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  • ATC
  • State Regulations

  • Athletes
  • Parents
  • Coaches
  • Etc.

  • Sports Medicine Network

WaveOn Opportunity
  • Leverage your AT skill set
  • Leverage your Relationships
  • Create your future

Personality Traits
  • Driven
  • Connector
  • Hungry for new opportunity
  • Work through product development
  • Adapt to change
  • Active in community
  • Networker

Career Moves
  • Business owner
  • Professional liability insurance

  • Amateur athletes
  • Recreational sports

  • Virtual care
  • Specialist referrals

Be in control
  • Earn money for you and your family
  • Connect with your relationships
  • More signed up, more money you earn

WaveOn is the future of athlete care.

By leveraging the individual athletic trainer as the intersection of athletics and medicine, we’re empowering YOU to be the center of the athletic community.

We’re creating vertical change and looking for the right professionals to join our team!

Generate new income with:

  • Subscription sales
  • Product sales

Services to athletes include:

  • Unlimited remote, virtual access
  • Unlimited specialist referrals

Qualifications to join as an Affiliate:

  • Community Partner
  • At least 5yrs as professional Athletic Trainer with professional relationships to healthcare community and personal relationships to athletic community
  • Completed Appropriate Academy Content
  • Business knowledge as owner or working with private business
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Appropriate Standing Orders

Submit your resume to discuss opportunity.

Be part of something special and work with your fellow ATs to build the future of athlete care!

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What you get?

Personalized Website and Marketing Tools: Personal Marketing, Earn Extra Money

Sport Health App: Communication, Documentation

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