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01. Profile

  • Professional profile to stand out and network with likeminded professionals. Take your portfolio to the next level.

02. Dashboard

  • Dashboard to measure success. All updates in real time, connect with community partners and manage all tools through the dashboard.

03. Forum

  • Join the growing conversation. Share non-traditional concepts and ideas, and engage with community partners.

04. Resource Hub

  • Resource Hub is filled with professional tools for quick delivery. Easily downloadable how-to guides, videos and powerful messages to inspire personal and professional development.
resource hub

05. Video Conferencing

  • Video Conferencing for quick communication with peers and mentors. Our community is interactive and engaging. Any questions or concerns about taking next steps can be addressed in the click of a button.

06. Academy

  • Our Academy courses focus on personal, professional and financial growth. We offer relevant CEU opportunities. In addition, Community Partners can contribute to the academy and generate revenue based on sales.

07. Events

  • Elevate your mind with our virtual and in-person events, like summits, to collaborate on relevant topics and network with Community Partners in real life.

08. Store

  • The store offers top products on the market. We source the top products on the market and centralize them to make it easier for you to find.
all included$74.99/month

01. Business Training

  • As Athletic Trainers, studying business isn’t typically on our curriculum path. Our business training maximizes your success and helps guide you on this journey. We help you catch up so you don’t get left on the sidelines.
business training

02. Marketing

  • We offer you marketing efforts to grow your independent business. Easy step-by-step guides to follow, techniques and everything you need to scale your business.

03. Sport Health App

  • The Sport Health App redefines your service delivery to amateur and recreational athletes. Take advantage of technology to give you the freedom to work on your own schedule. Connect with patients looking to utilize your service, and generate revenue while doing what you love.
sport health app

04. New Revenue

  • Generate new income through our revolutionary service for Athletic Trainers to optimize the profession. This proven system has been successful in multiple industries and we’re taking it to the next level and bringing Athletic Trainers independence from the traditional model.
new revenue

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